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Communication for Whole Health®

Creating Communities and Organizations with

Cultures of Receptivity


  • Created a process to foster receptivity in vaccine hesitant patients/parents used in over 100 countries.

  • Helped to create a culture of receptivity in clinics that provided primary healthcare services to refugees from Syria in Jordan

  • Helping to create a culture of receptivity in primary and secondary schools in North Macedonia

  • Helping to create a culture of receptivity to improve community health in a community in the US

"Can't thank you enough for the gift you gave me. Now I have big hopes! I want to work on building a healthy relationship with my daughters and you empowered me to do that! Thank you!”
“I saw a smile on the patient’s face when he left, and I had the same smile on my face; happy I helped and grateful for the training that taught me how to deal with such a situation.”
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